Health and Wellness

Station House brings together amenities and spaces to encourage personal growth and happiness. Through a combination of gardens, trails, bike paths, spas and fitness centers, Station House offers a variety of relaxing amenities located minutes from where you live.

Green Spaces

No longer dread going outside and getting away from the comfort of your AC. Station House’s relaxing courtyards make for an excellent way to enjoy some fresh air. Follow one of the several trails through Frisco Station to enjoy the sights and sounds of Frisco while reaching your daily steps.

Pet Wellness

Treat your best friend to the pet luxuries Station House has to offer. Allow them to enjoy the many trails, parks and space that you experience on a daily basis. At last, a community your pets will enjoy as much as you.


Get going on miles of foot and bike trails throughout Frisco. Station House provides easy access to a number of trails and bike paths, encouraging you to experience the variety of entertainment options around Frisco or spend some relaxing time in our bike and pedestrian friendly community.

Fitness + Spin

Station House is designed to improve the health and well-being for our residents. Take advantage of our state-of-the-art fitness facilities and gym equipment with WellBeats On-Demand fitness classes and spin classes.


Join a health driven community in daily yoga classes located in one of our local studios. Station House is designed to foster personal health and take care of your body through a number of fitness options making it easier to achieve your goals.

Spa + Massage

Treat yourself to a fun day at the spa or a relaxing massage at one of Station Houses various amenities. Enjoy personal time in a conveniently located spa within the Station House family of hangouts and businesses. Our community is built to promote a complete, healthy life including a spot where you can let your worries wash away.